Chris Pratt Collaboration

Team MakPratt

During treatment of my spine, I was given a wish through Make-A-Wish and I knew I wanted to use my wish to help others, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Then that’s when I learned about actor Chris Pratt. I had recently been discharged from the hospital after a surgery and I saw that he had been visiting inpatient kids. I already loved him on screen but learned we shared the same faith and now he showed that he had a heart for Children’s just like me. My wish idea was that Chris Pratt would help me with my service projects for the hospital. The best part was that he agreed! He met me at Seattle Children’s Hospital, where he met my team of doctors and we hung out for the day. We brainstormed ideas for the project and quickly became friends. We call ourselves Team MakPratt, with the mission to help kids facing medical conditions! He is the coolest and most down-to-earth guy!

We have stayed in contact over the last year and a half, and Chris has continued to encourage and inspire me to keep making a difference for other kids.  Chris has kept his promise and I’m so excited to launch this project with him benefiting the orthopedics department at Seattle Children’s Hospital! Chris is offering up this amazing experience. For just $10, you can enter to win a trip to visit Chris Pratt on the set of Jurassic World 2 in HAWAII!! I don't think anything could be cooler than that! All the funds we raise will go to help kids just like me at the hospital. Chris has always told to me dream big, and I know that this project will be a dream come true. My hope is that this will inspire kids everywhere to dream big and use your voice to make a positive change in the world.

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EOS System Ribbon-Cutting


Hey everyone! So a few weeks ago, I had a post-op appointment at Seattle Children’s, it wasn’t any old post-op, this time the appointment was paired with something much bigger. The unveiling of the EOS System, which is a low- radiation x-ray machine. It gives out the same amount of radiation as if you were walking in the sun. The money from the National Make A Difference Day Award was the first of the money to start the funding for the EOS, and with our project in the fall of 2015 we brought in an additional $15,000. My family, grandparents and a few close friends drove over to Seattle to unveil the EOS System. After of a morning of an x-ray or two (not in the EOS yet) and meeting with my amazing surgeon, Dr. Mosca, we headed to a conference room with various refreshments, even a cake with my face on it! I thought that was pretty cool. I was so excited to see my Orthopedics family - my doctors, my nurses, administration and people from the Seattle Children’s Foundation.

The awesome people from Evening Magazine were there to interview me and to record the ribbon cutting ceremony! My friend Katie, who works at the Foundation Office, told me she had a surprise for me! I remember being nervous and anxious until a familiar face showed up on the screen. Chris Pratt!! Chris sent me a video congratulating me on my accomplishment and that he was proud and inspired by me. It was the COOLEST surprise and was the highlight of the day. As I was trying to get my heart rate back to normal after the video, Katie said it was time to go down to the actual EOS machine location! I was so excited! I wheeled myself behind the camera man, Jose, as he taped me. After what felt like forever we made it to the EOS room. I remember parking my chair, and walking nervously along the outer wall of the room and slowly turning into the room. It was so cool! The EOS took up most all of the room, but there was a wall with glass for the control area too. It had a blue ribbon strung across the entrance to the system. I stood there with my doctor, Dr. Mosca, who has done five of my knee surgeries, and was honored to cut the ribbon! It was the coolest feeling in the world to know that the projects were able to bring this technology to so many kids. Bring the EOS system to Seattle Children’s was and will forever be one of the greatest moments of my life. 

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